Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Halloween Series: A Look Back

I did New Line's House of Horror films, so why not do the greatest slasher series of them all, Halloween, as opposed to most of my look backs where i give small synopsis's, this time i'm gonna focus on the first and give micro look backs, on the others.

To many, a slasher film is just a slasher film, and they may be right, but to me Halloween, is in a class all of its own. Beautifully directed & scored by John Carpenter, my favorite film maker of all time, Halloween, may not be the first slasher, it may not even have been the film to coin slasher, but it is the cream of the crop, and yes i am counting Psycho in that bunch of films. It starts with 2 teens having a quickie, not just a quckie, but near pre mature ejaculation esque timing, but we see a first person view that goes through a door, up the stairs and into a bed room, in the bedroom is Judith Myers(Sandy Johnson), who is stabbed to death. Flash forward 15 years later and Michael escapes. He returns to Haddonfield and his attending Doctor, Dr. Loomis(Donald Pleasence) is on the chase. While in Haddonfield Michael begins to stalk Laurie Strode(Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends Linda & Annie(P.J. Soles & Nancy Loomis). Annie & Laurie are baby sitting but Annie soon ditches her kid Lindsey(Kyle Richards) onto Laurie. While in her car Michael makes his move, and kills her off. Linda is with her boyfriend Bob, who have "fantastic" sex, Bob is killed in a kitchen, then Michael has some fun by dressin up as a ghost, before choking Linda whilst on the phone with Laurie. Laurie leave Lindsey & Tommy(Brian Andrews) to investigate, and after some near death moments, Loomis comes to save the day shooting Myers out of a window, only not to be found when looking out the window.

Part 2 follows exactly after the first one, with Laurie in the hospital & Loomis still trying to find Myers, it ends with a fire at the hospital, in my opinion it's an amazing horror sequel.

Part 3 features Myers on t.v., becasue this one is not about him, it's about Silver Shamrock masks, and the evil company that produces them. Tom Atkins stars, and is actually a film i love, not only do i love the Silver Shamrock song, but i love the film.

By time Myers returns for the fourth one, Laurie is dead, but her daughter is alive, and being stalked by Myers, she however may suffer the smae killing gene that her uncle has.

or not, she's just in a ward for mental kids, and the man in black is off the island and helping Myers out.

Oh wait it's not the man in black from Lost it's Dr. Wynn from the original film. This one brings up the occult & the Thorn cult. Plus Paul Rudd plays Tommy Doyle!

But shit part 4-6 didn't happen, as h20 is the true sequel to the second one. I liek it that way too, as it plas out very well, atleast the first 10 minutes. Marion Chambers(Nancy Stephens) reprising her role from the original, sees that her house has been broken in to. She asks Joseph Gordon Levitt(!) to help her out(well he suggests it). Nice slow build, until she find him & his buddy dead, then she gets it. We then see a montage of Dr. Loomis set to a remix of the halloween music. Laurie has goen into hiding, but much like the halloween when she was 17, her son(Josh Hartnett) may have the same traumatic experience happen to him. The cool thign about this film is Mr Sandman, plays at the beginning, a throwback to Halloween 2.

Part 4/8 is a piece of shit. A remake was made which split audiences, the n a sequel to that remake came, and was one of the worst films i've seen in a long time.

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  1. Great review on the whole series. The first one was simply the best.