Thursday, May 27, 2010

Film News Round up 5-27-10 Hawkeye in Avengers?
If this is true, i can totally see that casting! Captain America
Be cool to have Tommy Lee Jones back! X Men First Class
Meh, atleast it's better than digitally making them younger. Weaver in Buried directors next flick!
I'm anxiously awaiting Buried, and am a huge fan of Sigourney Weaver! Thw Switch
I love Jackie Brown but haven't read the book, or the rest the series, but i'm intrigued by this. Sinatra
I only mention this because of Scorsese but much like Fincher & Burton may have too much on his plate. Scream 4
Could care less, only liked the first one. Fun Size
Sounds like fun. Martyrs
Oh yay, another Platinum Dunes remake, fuck this! Jack
John Cusack + Brad Anderson + awesome sounding plot = AWESOME The Thing
Maybe he'll finally build his church. QT's Dracula
Hmm, all i can say is RUMOR, cool rumor but that is all this will be. Devil's Rejects "2"
I love the Reject's but a sequel in unneeded, let them die in that epic final scene. Ninja Turtles
Platinum Dunes? Seriously? I'll put aside my feeling for them, for my love of all things Ninja Turtles, i just hope they give us a comic book esque Turtle film, dark & gritty.

Looks liek alot more fun than i was expecting.

How awesome was that?

Holy shit i want to see this NOW.

So Allen was a vamp in the second one, is he is this one? Is it a prequel to The Tribe? Shouldn't we just forget about the Tribe?

Edits on sing alongs wtf? It's CREAM not SCREAM.

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  1. I'm with you Joe. I'm not looking forward to Scream 4, Martyrs and Devil's Rejects 2 (but I'll see DR2)

    So Martyrs and TMNT remakes? Do the fuckers at Platinum Dunes have ANY original fucking stories to make film about? They should rename their company to Used Goods.