Monday, May 17, 2010 William Gaines!
As a huge Gaines fan, plus a huge fan of Landis, i'm stoked. I love Landis's early work, but with this and Burke & Hare, perhaps Landis is back! 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
There are alot more projects i've heard Fincher attatched to that i'd rather see him helm, but if anyone can make a decent update it'll be Fincher. Battle Royale in 3d
Hmm, atleast it's not a remake....i shouldn't jinx it....Battle Royale is an awesome film and the best manga ever. Cut Throats Nine
Hmm, never seen the original, but i love Rue Morgue, so together well it could lead to quite the combination. Dark Pearl
I love Mark Hamil, he is one of us, a geek, and i highly dug Comic Book The Movie, which he also directed. Don't believe i've read the comic, but regardless, sounds cool. Splatter Sisters
I don't know about you, but i could really dig this, depending on how altered my mind is would adjust just how much i dig it. Deep Red 3D
Read this last night and am still trying to wrap my mind around it. Remaking one of your best friends best films, and in 3d none the less, especially after the interview in Fango where he bashed Avatar. Dracula 3D
Speaking of Argento, he's doing a 3d film himslef, let's just hope it's in the vein of a hammer film, or AIP flick. Fright Night
Great...more 3d. Pirates 4
Well who didn't see this coming? Mai The Psychic Girl
I hate to say it, but i'm beginning to hate reading about all these Burton projects. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
I'd take Rourke over Bronson anyday, even though the Matador was pretty cool. Looper
This flick just gets cooler & cooler, though i hope the JGL character doesn't go to the future to kill his future self, as the future is not yet written. SHIELD
As long as the cannon works out, i'm all for it. The Jesuit
Schrader is the shit!

looks like all kinds of awesome!

Very much enjoyed Laid to Rest, so i'll be looking forward to this one.

I own alot of Lennon books, i own his albums, i own all the Beatles albums, i loved Kick Ass, yeah i'm excited.

Might not look like my type of flick, but fuck it, i liked the trailer.

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